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Our Vision

Inspired by what comes to mind when someone uses the word technology is advanced research, world-class engineering and innovation.The globe denotes the world, with the ring around it showing the technology we have used is global. Reaching new places is what the second layer of rings signifies.

What We Use

Avis Hitek Air Coolers use a unique Honeycomb Media. The Honeycomb design effectively retains water, which mimics the effect of a Honeycomb use by bees to hold honey. The cooling efficiency of Honeycomb Cooling Media, due to greater surface area or transfer of humidity to the passing air. When warm, dry air passes through the Honeycomb Cooling Media, it mixes with the water to evaporate and lose heat, resulting in cooler moisturized air. The large surface area and unique angles of the Honeycomb cooling Media allow longer retention of water and help the warm air to travel through at high speeds with le resistance. The result is highly efficient cooling.

Advantages of AVIS HITEK Evaporative Coolers With Low Cost

Energy efficient equipment with low cost.
Easy to install & Operate.
High Cooling efficiency.
Low noise Level.
Low Maintenance Cost.
Provides clean/ filtered/dust free cool air.
Remote control available in some models.

Other advantages of Avis Hitek evaporative coolers are their multi functionality. It can be used for air cooling, ventilation, humidification, air purification and can be used indoor & outdoor areas.

Comparison With AIR Conditioning:

Evaporative Cooling :

Window or door left half open.
Keep the air moist, well suited.
Cooling efficiency increases even outside temperature rises.
Cross ventilation decreases odors and germs.
No installation cost.
Running cost is 80% less than air conditioning.

AIR-Conditioner :

Cannot keep windows and door open
Reduces the moisture in air making it dry which is bad for allergies and asthma
Cooling efficiency decreases when outside temperature rises
Expensive installation

Ideally Suitable For :


Characteristics :

Streamline design, durable and beautiful appearance.
The casing is made of high strength weather ability polymers which is UV-proof, anti- aging and resistance to deformation.
Swirl design drain outlet, easy to let off sewage.
With integrated and special water distribution structure, make the water to distribute evenly.
With concealed pipe design, the water will not enter the cooler when the pipe is accidently, detached or broken.
With the honey-comb pad which can be easily removed and cleaned.
Using high quality motor for good heat dissipation, high protection grade, waterproofing and moisture-proof.

Natural & Efficient Cooling Fresh AIR Circulation, Better AIR Quality :

Evaporative air cooling is the natural way of cooling, similar to breeze flowing across the lake. The breeze lowers the temperature and has relaxing cooling effect on people. An evaporative air cooler cools the air by means of the evaporation of water. When water evaporates into the air, the result is a mixture of air and water molecules. This chemical change requires heat, thus energy or latent heat is taken from the air. When warm, dry air enters into an Avis Hitek Air Cooler, it passes through a Carbon Dust Filter which helps prevent dust and unwanted particles from entering the cooler. The air then enters the wet. Honeycomb Cooling Media where it evaporates. This newly moisturized and cooled air I then propelled into the room by a powerful fan. An evaporative cooler work best when placed near an open window. Fresh air drawn into the cooler, circulate in the room and exits via the door or window opening. Fresh air circulation can be beneficial and can help to avoid indoor pollution that can often build up in enclosed environments such as office buildings or warehouses. Avis Hitek Air Coolers help to bring a new, moisturized, cool air while old, dry and stale air is circulated out of the room.

An Efficient and Economic Cooling :

Avis Hitek is one of the India’s leading manufacturers of evaporative cooling system. We are recognized for development and energy-efficient systems with versatile range of applications for residential, institutional, commercial & industrial. The systems that Avis Hitek provides are efficient, economical, requirement oriented taking into consideration the need of our clients. Taking pride in our achievements. The company is all set to showcase its new innovation evaporation cooling units with cutting edge features.

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company